Bauer Hotel

Venice - Veneto

Charm and authenticity. The essence of Venetian living, in the name of exclusiveness and luxury.

Renowned diamond of the Venetian hôtellerie, Bauer is today a crossroads of artistic, cultural and fashionable experiences, hosted in a place of excellence. The iconic Venetian hotel, 5*L, has luxurious residences (135 rooms and 56 suites) that redefine and elevate the concept of a leisure stay.

A unique experience of its kind, offering the opportunity to experience the true Venetian way of life. The view of the most enchanting glimpses of the city from a privileged position, combined with the presence of authentic Italian marble, precious fabrics and inlaid wood furnishings, evoke the authentic expression of the city. The collection of suites and rooms, has been designed to satisfy every need of the guests, guaranteeing them maximum comfort and privacy.