Monopoli - Apulia

the heart of Apulia

A fishermen’s village, a city founded on the sea and out of the sea. Monopoli is situated right by the sea. A large white square where the houses of its center are still home to many fishermen.  And then churches, typical chiassi (the small squares where the life of the monopolitan community takes place) and squares, noble palaces of the eighteenth century or of the Murattiana period. Here and there are evidences and remains of medieval fortifications that reveal its ancient history. Golden, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. A port that is a treasure chest of a living maritime civilization that lives on and thanks to the sea. But Monopoli is also boroughs, centuries-old olive trees, fortified farms and rupestrian churches that tell you about a unique city. Monopoli is the beating heart of the most authentic Apulia.