Lecce - Puglia

Located in the heart of Salento, Lecce attracts and conquers Italian and international visitors thanks to its history and beautiful buildings made using the famous “Pietra Leccese” , a local stone. Known as the “capital of the Baroque”, the city boasts a truly unique architectural, historical, and natural heritage. Elegant, charming, and welcoming, Lecce is definitely a destination not to be missed.  The city has ancient origins that seem to date back to the Messapian age and then was conquered by the Romans who built a forum, a theatre, an amphitheatre, and an outlet to the sea with the Porto Adriano, which is the current marina of San Cataldo. Fundamental in the construction of all the works overtime, was the use of a local limestone, known as Lecce stone, which has warm and golden colours. Currently the city is a real jewel and has managed to preserve testimonies ranging from roman to Renaissance times.